Jazz and New Horizons Concert at CSUMB’s World Theater

Thank you to all my wonderful students, Derrick Hodge, Allison Miller, Dann Zinn, Michael Aaberg, Tim Jackson, Colleen Bailey, Paul Contos, Allison Le, Joe Cardinalli and everyone at the World Theater, President Ochoa, Ilene Feinman and everyone else who made the concert such a success.  The standing ovation at the end says it all.

I loved it.


From the World Theater website:

Jazz and New Horizons with Allison Miller and Derrick Hodge was a night to remember.


Two-time Grammy Award-winning bassist Derrick Hodge and New York City-based drummer Allison Miller left the crowd in awe last night. Some of the more memorable comments were:
“I think we just witnessed something incredibly special”
“That. That was jazz in its purest form.”
“I could watch them go back and forth all night!”
The two incredible artists shared an undeniable musical chemistry that was felt throughout the whole audience. Additional artists Michael Aaberg, pianist and Dann Zinn, saxophone, joined in the collaboration and helped to create the phenomenal jazz we heard last night.”

Link to: The CSUMB Website for Allison Miller and Derrick Hodge’s performance at CSUMB’s World Theater which took place on April 4th, 2019

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