Bob Danziger C.V. – Inventions


Both individually and as a CEO participated in range of R&D including energy and environmental systems, musical instruments, walking chairs and other medical assistive devices, software, project financing, philanthropic techniques and many others.  Projects worked on include:

  • Alternative and bio-fuels (JPL, Sunlaw, Stanford, G6)
  • International Space Station (NASA/JPL)
  • Solar Energy:
    • Photovoltaics (JPL, Sunlaw)
    • Power Tower (JPL, Sunlaw)
    • Heating and Cooling (JPL)
    • Solar Power Satellite (NASA/JPL)
  • Oil and gas price prediction models (JPL, Sunlaw)
  • Electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles (JPL)
  • Aeroderivative gas turbines in combined-cycle for elctric utility baseload applications (Sunlaw with General Electric, and Stewart & Stevenson)
    • Aeroderivative gas turbines in combined-cycle for elctric utility peaking applications
    • Hot Water Injection for Pollution Control and Power Enhancement (Sunlaw with General Electric, and Stewart & Stevenson)
    • Gas turbine combustor designs (Sunlaw with General Electric)
    • Hydrogen production, distribution and use in cata;lyst systems (Sunlaw)
    • Catalytic converters (Sunlaw)
    • Carbon capture (cement and sequestration) (Sunlaw, G6)
    • High temperature, high efficiency seals (including for use with hydrogen) (Sunlaw)
    • Water purification and desalination (Sunlaw)
  • 1st of a kind Alternative Energy Financing (Sunlaw)
  • 1st Force Majeur Policy for Alternative Energy aith Lloyds of London/Adams Brothers (Sunlaw)
  • Australian America’s Cup (Sunlaw)


Patents issued:

  • Three patents are for a method of making high-quality cement from the greenhouse gases and other pollutants from power plants.
  • Three patents are for catalyst chemistry for ultra-low emissions from gas-fired power plants, and
  • Two for mechanical systems for pollution control, including one that has been used for carbon capture.
  • The ninth patent is for making electricity from the non-carbon parts of coal while simultaneously de-acidifying acid mine drainage.
  • The tenth  patent is for “The Walking Chair,” a medical assistive device I invented to help with my back problems.

Air Pollution Control Technology

  • U.S. Patent #5,451,558
    • “Process for the Reaction and Absorption of Gaseous Air Pollutants, Apparatus Therefore and Method of Making the Same,” September 19, 1995.
  • U.S. Patent #5,650,127
    • “NOx Removal Process,” July 22, 1997.
  • U.S. Patent #5,607,650
    • “Apparatus for Removing Contaminants from Gaseous Stream,” March 4, 1997.
  • U.S. Patent #5,665,321
    • “Process for the reaction and absorption of gaseous air pollutants, apparatus therefor and method.”  September 9, 1997
  • U.S. Patent #5,762,885
    • “Apparatus for Removing Contaminants from Gaseous Stream,” June 9, 1998.

Carbon Sequestration and Recycling as Cement

  • U.S. Patent# 7,887,694 B2.
    • “Method of Sequestering CO2.” Production of cement from seawater and CO2 from powerplants and other sources. February 15, 2011
  • U.S. Patent #8,333,944
    • Methods of sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) are provided. Aspects of the methods include precipitating a storage stable carbon dioxide sequestering product from an alkaline-earth-metal-containing water and then disposing of the product, e.g., by placing the product in a disposal location or using the product as a component of a manufactured composition. December 18, 2012
  • U.S. Patent #7,966,250
    • CO2 commodity trading system and method: “A system and method of generating and trading a CO2 commodity that is correlated to a quantified amount of CO.sub.2 sequestered in a CO2 sequestering product comprising a carbonate and/or a bicarbonate. The tradable commodity can be purchased or sold for use in managing CO2.” June 21, 2011

Electricity from the non-carbon parts of coal while simultaneously de-acidifying acid mine drainage

  • U.S. Patent# 7,883,802 B2;
    • “Systems and Methods for Electrochemical Power Generation,” February 8, 2011

Walking Chair – Medical Assistive Device

  • U.S. Patent# 7.481,445 B1
    • “Combination Walker and Wheelchair with Improved Ergonomic Design,” January 27, 2009
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