Allison Miller


  • Have their been allies along the way?  Yes. First and foremost, my parents: Jon and Ruthanna Miller.
  • Her mother, Ruthanna Miller, was a pianist and church choir director for three decades. Her father, Jon Miller, sang in that choir and was an audio engineer.
  • Miller: “I was born in Texarkana, Texas, but grew up outside of D.C. My mom was a pianist so that’s how I started: piano and vocals. My mom wanted me to learn how to play the piano, so I started the drums at 10 at the Timber Mountain Music Camp. By 12, I was studying with Walter Salb, who lived nearby in Maryland.”
  • Allison grew up with a mainframe computer in the basement, and sings “Purple Rain” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” as lullabies to her daughter, was taught to smoke cigars by her drum teacher when she was 12, and would kick her pregnant-with-her mother,  in time to the music, – when Mom was conducting the Church choir.